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Air Car that is Gas Free | AirPod is Air Powered


Amazing Air Car

Tata Motors (TTM) introduces their newest project: an air car that is getting raves as well as skeptic reviews. The air powered AirPod is a small zero emission urban vehicle that runs on compressed air. Yes, AIR powered! It has a 175 liter (46.23 gallons) storage tank of compressed air that can be refilled with an external pump. Moreover, there is an electric motor that resupplies the car with energy while it is in motion.

Established in 1945, Tata Motors (TTM) is the biggest auto manufacturer in India and has sold over 6.5 million vehicles. They have one of the highest markets for Eco car sales.

Their diversity in the range of products is outstanding. Not only do they produce luxury models  like the Jaguar Land Rover (2008) and the air car AirPod  but they created the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano (2009) which was priced at  $2,100.

The Perfect Air Car

With the help of Motor Development International (MDI) who has been creating zero emission engines since the early 1990’s, Tata Motors was able to realize their vision of the perfect  urban air car. In fact, metro Eco car sales dealers have been flooded with inquisitions.

How the Air Car Works


MDI AirPod on the Road

Chiefly, the Eco car uses electricity to compress large amounts of air into the compact tank. The air is released slowly into the drive pistons. The air storage is at a maximum of 175 liters with a pressure of 350bar (around 5080 psi). Since 5080 psi is a quite a lot of pressure the Eco-car is fabricated for extra safety. The tank is composed of carbon-fiber/thermoplastic designed to split and release the air instead of exploding if it gets punctured.

The air car has a small sized motor with around 5 1/2 horsepower. The aerodynamic shape and the lightweight body make it quite efficient with a top speed of 70kmh (43 mph). The range in ideal conditions is 137 miles per hour (220km).

The front wheel is a 2 wheel dolly. The steering is a differential adjustment of read wheel speed controlled by driving the back wheels at diverse speeds. The brakes are a rear disc system.

The cost of refilling the tank is minimal depending on the station. If a station charges for air the cost is averaged at $1.3 in USD and 1.1 in EUR.  It takes approximately 1.5 minutes to refill. However, it is best to refill slowly because refueling fast could cause heating issues.

Eco car sales can be found at various dealers and occasionally online through car auctions such as eBay. The air car is the ideal urban vehicle for gas free and zero emission solutions. Check out the eBay auctions, they might have an air car or at east an electric car that is also cost effective.


Electric Vehicle Auctions


Different Models:


AirPod at the Station

 AIRPod: The standard model with four seats (3 adults and one child). It has high mobility and space for luggage. It is designed for the public and for airports, train stations and metropolises.

AIRPod Cargo: A carriage version that is equipped with a load volume of more than 35.3 cubic feet (1 cubic meter). It is designed for runners, couriers, parcel services, artisans and communities.

 It comes with an option of one or two seats and is a green solution for neighborhood deliveries, post offices and industrial handling.

AIRPod Baby: This Eco car has two front seats with a chest of more than 132 gallons (500 liters). It is designed for versatility especially congestive traffic.  It can also be used for fast deliveries, municipal services and small logistics.

Featured Picture Credit: Air Volution


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