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Beautiful Blues for Mother’s Day

blue flower 3

Did you know that the color blue encourages the ambience of peace, tranquility and earnest feelings?

Blue is the coolest color of them all.

It is the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight and many heartfelt flowers like Delphinium, Bachelor Button and Phlox.

In truth, blue is so soothing that it’s a great choice for pajamas.

For Mother’s Day why not get something blue?  In addition, blue is considered a color of trust, order and loyalty. So, it stands to reason that a “blue” gift would be perfect for Mother’s Day. Right!


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Dreamy Blue Hues

Best Spa Products, Spa ShopmySpaShop has some beautiful gifts for Mom in dreamy hues that are sure to bring her a touch of sky, sea and twilight.

And of course, mySpaShop is having a huge sale.

For Mother’s Day, you can receive 15% OFF Everything from now until May 12th. The discount also includes the already SpaTacular Specials!  


Talk about the Beautiful Blues

Okay, here’s a small line-up of beautiful blue Mother’s Day gifts from vibrant blue scarves to an array of Eco-Jewelry

Art Glass Bottles

art glass bottlesThese elegant art glass bottles are unique and quite versatile, a perfect gift for mom.

With a touch of vintage inspired additions, they add a lovely accent to any room.

Use by itself as a piece of art, fill it with sea salts for a relaxing bath or as a vase for your mom’s favorite flowers.

Shaune Bazner jewelry


Shaune Bazner Jewelry & Hair

Shaune Bazner is one of America’s prominent fashion jewelry artists.  She is a trendsetter who has created timeless jewelry and hair accessories such as hair sticks & 10-in-1 convertibles.

You have to take a look at this year’s spring line, it is quite stunning! Oh, and don’t forget about “something blue”. 

Kerstin Florian Turkish Body Scrub


Kerstin Florian Turkish Body Scrub

Combining Swedish simplicity with ancient Orient philosophy, Florian skin care products are the ideal blend of today’s active man and women. The Turkish Body Scrub is a blend of stimulating eucalyptus coupled with mineral-rich sea salts to invigorate, nourish and exfoliate your skin.

MySpaShop sale page

Physician Endorsed Hats & Scarves

Physician Endorsed Hats & Scarves

Healthy accessories such as hats, hand painted scarves, bags and sunglasses. 

Not only are they today’s fashion but they help protect your skin with tested & rated UPF 50+ maximum sun protection. 

Oh, these charming hats and scarves look amazing!

Stephanie Johnson Bags


Stephanie Johnson Bags

Fashionable, functional & fabulous! Stephanie Johnson cosmetic cases and travel accessories are designed for the frequent traveler.  Moreover, they are absolutely lovely. A must have!


~Happy Mother’s Day~


Best Spa Products, Spa Shop


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