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Beet Juice May Boost Workout Endurance

Do you often feel exhausted before you finish your workout? Would you like to exercise longer without feeling fatigued? A study by the American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology suggests that you add beet juice to your diet.

beet juice in glass

Their research found that people who consumed beet juice on a daily basis had enhanced performance just after 2 weeks.

The study focused on nitrate, which is found in beet juice. In the body, nitrate is converted to nitric oxide; a molecule that dilates your blood vessels and increase flow.

Basically, nitric oxide lowers the workload on the heart allowing it to deliver more oxygen to the body’s muscles.

This means that you can exercise for longer before your muscles feel tired and fatigued!


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beet juice with pitcher

Reduce the Agony of a Hard Workout

Beet juice may help you exercise longer and improve your overall performance. In fact, adding beet juice to your diet has many benefits:

  • Beet juice lowers the hearts oxygen consumption during exercise.
  • This means you can work out longer before becoming fatigued and tired.
  • Beet juice contains nitrates which expand blood vessels and increases blood flow.
  • Men who drank 500ml of beetroot juice a day were able to cycle 16% longer on an exercise bike before tiring out.
  • Just one cup a day can lower blood pressure by 7 per cent (American Heart Association journal Hypertension).

How Much Beet Juice do You Need to Improve Endurance?

fresh beets close up

The best deduction is that beet juice improves the flow of blood and oxygen.

However, beet juice is more beneficial in helping you with short, strenuous type sports and exercises. It is ideal for workouts or people training for an 800-meter run as opposed to a marathon.

Weekend sports enthusiasts who want to experiment should try drinking two cups or ½ liter a day for about a week or two before a big event. For exercise fans who want to increase their workout time, drink 1 cup a day. You should see great results within 2 weeks.

What to Drink

The best source of beet juice is fresh beets that you juice at home. Today, you can also find bottled beet juice that is just as beneficial. Make sure you get organic beet juice. An organic product will not be grown with herbicides, pesticides and generally will not be genetically altered.

If you are unable to make your own or cannot find beet juice at your local health food store or market, beet juice powder is a great alternative. You can actually add the powder to smoothies, baked goods or soups. For best results, add the beet powder to your daily smoothie. It’s a great pick-me-up and will make you fell more energetic throughout your day and during workouts.

Note: Beetroot is also very beneficial for endurance and giving you extra energy for your workout!

Tasty beet smoothie recipe: Beet Smoothie for Workout Endurance


Great organic sources for foods high in nitrates

Other foods high in nitrates are cabbage, celery and leafy greens like spinach and some lettuce. 


beet juice on plate


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