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Essential Oils


Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to open your doors and windows to air out the house! Get motivated and get cleaning! It’s springtime! Forget the harsh and toxic chemicals; there are much healthier options.  From basic green spring...


Top 10 Natural Mood Supports

Depression is on the Rise With the global economy taking a dive for numerous years, it is no wonder that depression is on the rise.  In fact, studies show that depression affects around 340 million...


Benefits of Rosewater and Rose Oil– Not Just for Healthy Skin

The rose has been greatly valued by many cultures for more than a thousand years. The oldest records that document the healing powers of rosewater; dates back to the Romans. In fact, the Romans classified...


Health Benefits of Fennel

Have you ever heard of fennel? It’s that strange bulbous white plant in the market with green stems and dill-like fronds. It used to be that fennel was near impossible to find, unless you were...


Top 11 Herbs that Help Fight Stress and Calm the Mind

Let’s face it, stress is an everyday occurrence. But there are different levels of stress. It’s the toxic high doses of stress that are bad for our bodies and can cause health issues.   For...


Health Benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh

Tis the season to write about frankincense and myrrh resins. These well-known ancient plants are mentioned in many stories such as the Three Wise Men (Magi). I say, there has to be a lot of...


Essential Oils with Enormous Health Benefits

Wouldn’t it be great to choose your condition and the ideal essential oils were at your fingertips? No more combining the perfect essential oils for everyday conditions. Today, you can find formulas that are designed...


Natural Essential Oils | Healing Natural Oils

Essential Oils & Natural Healing Throughout history, essential oils have been used for many medicinal uses. Today, essential oils are utilized for massage therapy, aromatherapy, emotional well-being, nutritional supplements and household solutions for cooking and...

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