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Category: Exercise

Low Impact Exercise


Beet Juice May Boost Workout Endurance

Do you often feel exhausted before you finish your workout? Would you like to exercise longer without feeling fatigued? A study by the American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology suggests that you...


Easy 10 Minute Yoga Workout | Get Back in Shape

Just 10 minutes of Yoga a day can improve your balance, breathing, flexibility and trim your waistline. Get back into shape with easy Yoga poses that you can easily fit into your daily routine. All...


Eco Friendly Live Hot Deals | His & Hers Yoga At Gaiam

Live Hot Deals for Men Yoga! It is the perfect solution for your under-worked muscles and for toning the flab you gathered during the cold winter months. You can even find Yoga apparel for men....


Get Back in Shape – Yoga Eco Clothes | Gaiam

It’s Time to Get Back in Shape Alright everyone, it’s time to get back in shape. Whether spring or fall is near!  Yikes, swimsuit and short season or a manic attack to get back in...

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