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Category: Green Home

Green home articles from outdoor decor to organic bedding


Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to open your doors and windows to air out the house! Get motivated and get cleaning! It’s springtime! Forget the harsh and toxic chemicals; there are much healthier options.  From basic green spring...


Unique Sustainable Garden Décor

Are you ready for springtime or fall? It is the ideal time to add sustainable garden décor. It’s a time to plant bulbs and make plans for a beautiful garden design. One of the most...


Benefits of Organic Bedding & Organic Mattresses

Organic bedding is more than just a trend. It not only encourages a better night’s sleep but it benefits your health and your family’s health. Did you know that the majority of conventional bedding is...


Eco Friendly Business plus Green Certification

Green America helps businesses get a green certification. They actively use their business as a tool for positive change by empowering individuals to make Eco purchases, demand an end to corporate irresponsibility, promote green and...

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Your Kids Lunch Box Could be Toxic | ECOlunchboxes

Does Your Kid Have a Healthy Lunchbox? Did you know that most lunch boxes, baggies and plastic containers are very toxic? In truth, many of the toxins to make these products can leach into your...


Natural Organic Baby Products | Organic Gifts 4 All

Quality Organic Baby Products & More The best thing I like about what I do is discovering quality green items, especially organic baby products. Many organic companies such as Our Green House specialize in helping...


Eco Nuts Featured on ABC Primetime Show Shark Tank

Did you happen to catch Eco Nuts on ABC’s prime-time show Shark Tank on October 19th? I suppose you are now wondering about premium Eco Nuts products and where to buy them. Now keep in...


Without Quality Water We Die

As the founder of Eco Friendly Green Product, I am proud to introduce a remarkable company called WaterChef. They are a prominent brand for quality water filter systems. In actuality, they know their stuff. WaterChef...


Soap Nuts | Natural Beauty Care & Household Products

By now you’ve heard about NaturOli. After all, they are the largest seller and developer of Soap Nuts in America. But I bet you didn’t know that NaturOli was Awarded by the Green Dot Awards...


Eco Friendly Products | SaleAbration

Eco Friendly Shopping Couldn’t Get Better It’s a SaleAbration! We are celebrating and taking our hats off to All companies who support Eco friendly and upcycled products!  I am amazed! Times have changed it the...

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