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Eco friendly superfoods


Organic Dark Chocolate – the Law of Attraction

No longer is chocolate labeled a junk food. In truth, many consider it a superfood! This amazing food is high in flavonoids and other nutrients, which contain a multitude of health benefits. Indeed, chocolate is...


Curry may Cure the Common Cold and Flu

They say there’s no cure for the common cold, but many health specialists will disagree. Recent studies have claimed that curry and other foods could be the answer. It may sound like another home remedy,...


5 Free Endangered Species Chocolate Bar Giveaway

Since the holidays are fast approaching I decided to have a giveaway. The Winner Well, the giveaway is over! I want to take this time to thank everyone who entered. And the winner is Shelby...


Superfoods for Your Diet | Dr. Oz Recommendations

This year why not add superfood to your diet? Recently, Dr. Oz’s recommended a ton of superfoods and ideas that can be added to your meals. Without denying your friends and family their favorites foods,...


Natural Superfood for a Green Family | Sunfood Superfood

Organic SuperFoods Get ready for the season, avoid the rush and stock your pantry with organic superfood with Sunfood. Shopping couldn’t be easier. If you’re a green family and enjoy healthy eating, then why not...


Growing Certified Organic Seed Garlic

It’s that time of year folks. If you haven’t planted your garlic for spring blooming, now is the perfect time.  You only have about a month to get your organic seed garlic bulbs into the...

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