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Eco Friendly Business plus Green Certification

Green CertificationGreen America helps businesses get a green certification. They actively use their business as a tool for positive change by empowering individuals to make Eco purchases, demand an end to corporate irresponsibility, promote green and fair trade business principles and build sustainable communities in the US and abroad.

Recently Green America posted an amazing article on ways to have an Eco friendly Holiday. Here are their suggestions on 5 Ways to Put an Eco-Twist on Tradition:



Holiday Lights: Use solar holiday lights, which use only energy from the sun. They save you energy, money on your electric bill and eliminate the need for extension cords. For an Eco friendly Holiday you can also recycle your old lights.


Decorations:  Instead of buying new decorations, search thrift shops and garage sales or places like and for used holiday decorations and ornaments. You can also make your own holiday decor. If you do buy new decorations then make sure they are fair trade or sustainable.


Christmas Cards: To save resources and shipping impacts, send an E card. Or else, send Christmas cards that are made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled content. You can also find Holiday cards that donate a percentage to special environmental causes.


Gift Wrap: A lot of waste during the holidays comes from wrapping and ribbons. To top it off, most Holiday wrapping is made from virgin-pulp paper and are normally used only once. Furthermore, shiny foil and plastic ribbons are rarely recyclable. You can help save resources by selecting sustainable gift wrapping, reusing boxes and Christmas bags, utilizing reusable tins or make your own from fabric or old scarves.


The Yule Log: A home fire is a common winter enjoyment in many places. Sadly, fireplaces produce air pollution, including carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter. You can help reduce emissions up to 80 percent from your fireplace by using a Java-Log or Duraflame log. These logs are petroleum-free and made from plant-based waxes and compressed sawdust. Using a petroleum-free log will also help save our forests. As well, an EPA certified fireplace insert will improve efficiency and lower your costs.

Green Certification Seal



Green Certificate and Green America Membership: Why not certify your business by getting a Green Certificate. Going green is a fabulous way of celebrating the holidays. If you do not have a business and are interested in helping save our planet, then you can become a Green America member which includes some amazing benefits.

If your company is interested in applying for the Green Business Certification Click Here

If you are interested in becoming a member that includes various benefits Click Here


With over 40 years of living green and supporting a sustainable environment, we are proud to offer the finest green products and reviews on the market.

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