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Eco Friendly Gift Certificates | Bath & Beauty, Yoga Everything, Eco Clothing & More


As luck would have it, you didn’t find the perfect Eco friendly gift in time for the occasion. Racing out to shop for a last minute present is unthinkable; long lines, crazy mad drivers and empty shelves with picked over products. Why not buy Eco friendly gift certificates?

Now some people feel that gift certificates make a horrible gift. But quite frankly, I beg to differ.

People say, “Why not send cash”? I say, it’s a bit too late to send cash.  I would rather have a gift on time or allow the ‘special’ someone to pick what they want. Don’t you agree?

And NO, not all gift cards have an expiration date. In fact, most gift certificates have an unlimited time for redemption. That gift you want to buy your aunt or niece can be delivered on time for the occasion and they can buy exactly what they desire and when they desire it. No more guessing about the ‘perfect present’ to buy.

Gift certificates don’t always mean a trip to the store either. In truth, most gift cards can be delivered electronically. That way there’s instant delivery and the gift certificate is saved in an email. So the person receiving the gift card can redeem their gift certificate at any time and shop online without ever leaving the house.

Gift cards take the guessing out of the picture. Giving an Eco friendly gift certificate allows a person to choose what they want. You can also feel good about what you’re giving and know that an Eco friendly present helps the environment. Here are a few Eco friendly gift certificates that are defiantly a fabulous ‘last minute’ surprise

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NaturOli: Natural and green holiday gift ideas such as natural skin care, natural handmade soap bars, soap and more. Let your special person select their own green, natural and organic gift favorites.

A great idea is to make a NaturOli gift basket and fill it with a variety of items ~


Sibu BeautySibu Beauty: Discover natural skin care with Sibu Beauty. From remote locations of the Tibetan Himalayans, Sibu Beauty was created.  There you will find the sea buckthorn berry that contains over 190 bio-active compounds. The Himalayan buckthorn berry restores, revitalizes and protects youthful beauty.

The most popular item and their first product for rejuvenating the skin is

Sibu Sea Berry Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn oil , 1 Fluid Ounce


Best Spa Products, Spa Shop


MySpaShop: Instant Spa Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for that special someone to experience all the Spa Products. Select the Dollar Amount and Add a Personal Note. You can also assign One or More Products to your Spa Gifts selection.

The amount cannot be higher than $1,500 and less than $25. You have an option to send via postal mail or email. You can also add your own personal message to the recipient.  The gift certificates can be redeemed toward any products.

Best Spa Products, MySpaShop

Yoga Accessories.

Yoga Accessories: An exceptional combination of high quality products, low prices, fast shipping and amazing customer service. Their Yoga mats are not the same as most companies. Yoga Accessories has a Lifetime warranty on their yoga mats.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion. Gift cards are a great idea for friends, family or co-workers. They may be used to purchase any item(s) sold on our site. Gift Certificates are available in $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations.

Here are just a few gift  ideas from YogaAccessories:

YogaAccessories (TM) 1/4” Extra Thick High Density Yoga Mat (Phthalate Free) – Dark Blue

YogaAccessories (TM) Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster – Green

YogaAccessories (TM) Black OM Cotton Yoga Mat Bag – Drawstring


With over 40 years of living green and supporting a sustainable environment, we are proud to offer the finest green products and reviews on the market.

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