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Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

green glass dessert platesWhen it comes to being Eco friendly around the holidays, it’s really not that hard to find the perfect gifts.

As the world is finally waking up to the importance of being green, you can now find a colossal of Eco gifts for everyone.

Note: Just because a gift is labeled organic or vegan, it does not mean that it’s something to eat. There are a great deal of organic or vegan products that aren’t edible.

Feel good about buying gifts this season; give the gift of Eco love. There is not much time left to order online so that you get the package before Christmas. Hurry before it’s to late.

If you can’t decide what to get that special person, here are some wonderful ideas:

Eco Gifts for the Kitchen

When it comes to Eco gifts, you can’t go wrong with something for the kitchen. Take a look at these wonderful sustainable products.

Organic Sourdough Starter–The Real One from San Francisco

sourdough breadSourdough starter for making fabulous artisan bread. It contains wild yeast and lactobacillus that not only flavors your bread, but also flavors the crust and crumb.

Sourdough Breads ships the San Francisco Sourdough Starter totally alive–just in a state of hibernation.

Waking it up is very easy simple –just mix it up with flour and water and leave it alone for 24 hours.


Tazo Tea Gourmet Tea Gift Set

tazo tea bagA comforting tea gift set with a supply of the finest Tazo teas from Zen and Passion to Organic Chai and Earl Grey, ready to be enjoyed in an earthenware ceramic mug.

Crowned with the sweetness of a Theo organic chocolate bar and 2 biscotti cookies, this soothing tea gift set is presented in a simple but elegant gift box.

Green Works 6-Piece Kitchen Towel Set, Dune

eco friendly kitchen towel setNaturally-derived kitchen towels and dish cloths. They are made using fine natural organic cotton and eucalyptus-based tensel fibers.

Very soft fabric, not stiff at all. Not heavy weight like bathroom towels, but not as thin as most kitchen towels. The “dune” color is a nice neutral brown tone; it does not have any green to it, though it looks like it would on my screen.

This 6 piece kitchen set includes 2 – 16×28 inch kitchen towels.

All Purpose Glass Bowl and Food Storage Containers 10 Pcs Set

glass bowl setBeautifully colored glass bowl set with BPA Free and snap tight lids. Cute and still sophisticated will fit in your modern kitchen!

Versatile class to bring to school or to work as a lunch container and a lunch bowl! The snap tight lids will help keep all your food fresh and secure while they are stackable for easy storage.

Review: They are of very high quality and as useful as I had hoped.
I particularly appreciate the design of the plastic lids, which attach at three places and don’t have to be forced to fit all around, as do those of some other manufacturers.

I hope these will be produced in larger sizes sometime.

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set in Handcrafted Mahogany Bamboo Chest

numi flowering tea in glass potPackaged in a hand-made dark mahogany bamboo case.

This Flowering Tea Gift Set is filled with six bouquets of tea leaves that blossom into a myriad of flavors from sweet and subtle to rich and bold.

The stylish glass teapot included is ideal to observe the flowering tea petals. It is a simple luxury that heightens the tea experience and makes for a conversation piece, these Leaves of Art are a true tea lover’s bliss.

100% Pure Linen Napkins, Eco-friendly and Reusable, Sustainable Living

organic linen napkinsThese heavyweight napkins merge the rustic feel of traditional homespun fabric with the luxury of the elegant home and the trendy look of modern style.

The fabric is sturdy and durable and so soft – especially after they have been washed a few times.


Elegant yet durable – a gracious and substantial linen for any table.


Eco Gifts for the Bathroom

Bathroom Eco gifts are always a warm welcome for the season. Here you will find a mired of Eco gifts that can spark an idea or two.

Hand-Stamped Organic French Lavender Sachets

lavender sachetsA set of 3 Sachets -to rejuvenate, refresh and de-stress. Is 100% Organic French Lavender (no added essential oils). It comes in 100% muslin cotton 3″x5″ sachet bags.

The sachets are not just for the bathroom. They can be used in multiple rooms of the house:  bedrooms, dresser drawers and closets, car, and pillow for a good night’s rest.

Review: This was a gift. Very fragrant. Very nicely packaged. Got some for myself. It looks very organic. I like that.

Beer Soap Gift Set, Four Bars. Vegan Palm-Free Soap

beer soap for menVegan and palm-free soaps made with Golden Road Brewery’s core beers and organic California olive oil.

A unique blend of oils with a lot shea and cocoa butter plus has a phenomenal lather.

It comes with Citrus Hefeweizen, Hops & Barley Scrub bar soap, Brown Ale Eucalyptus and Activated Charcoal Woods IPA.

It is the ideal gift for the men in your life.


Napa Soap Company Enamel Shaving Gift Set

napa shaving kitThis shaving gift set comes with a beautiful porcelain mug to create loads of creamy lather. It has superior skin conditioners like grapeseed oil, wine, pure aloe vera, honey and French clay. The set includes our black fiber shave brush and gift box.

Product Description: We just improved the perfect gift for the man in your life! A full 8 oz. of our fabulous, super long-lasting Shaving Soap (we are not kidding, it is a YEAR’S supply!!), poured into a very cool old-fashioned enamel mug, then packaged with our black fiber shaving brush. We pack it all in a gift box so that it is ready for gift-giving. Shaving gel users beware, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Therapeutic Mineral Bath Salt: Top 4 Pack Combo

aromatherapy bath salts therapyA 4 Pack Salt Combo contains 4 of the most popular 3 oz. Mineral Bath Salts for Sore Muscle, Detox, Relax, and Stress Relief.

Review: I had bought this for my wife as a Christmas gift. She needed it so much more than I. She really loved it.

Ladies just think about  relaxing in a warm tub with your favorite beverage next to you, dim lights and kids in bed. This is why I bought this for her.

She needs to relax and be inspired by the quietness of the day. Enjoy this ladies.

A Myriad of Eco Gifts

You don’t have to worry about matching someone’s décor when it comes to buying Eco gifts. Here are some fabulous Eco gift ides for that special someone:

Hemp Shoulder Bag, ‘Earth Miracle’

hemp bagA natural hemp shoulder bag that has an alluring texture combined with colorful cotton cloth to create a touch of Thai culture.

It has a Vermilion border frame with ornate stitched patterns with a soothing beige tone.

Distinctive accents in longan wood, the purse emulates the stylish artistry of the hill tribes. 80% hemp, 20% cotton.

Guaranteed to arrive by December 25th if you order by 12/17/2014 and choose Expedited Shipping when you checkout.

Indus Classic Himalayan Salt Lamps

himalayan light lampHimalayan Salt Lamps are amazing natural air purifiers.

What they do: They emit a stream of negative ions into the air that binds to positive charged dust particles.

It then brings it to the ground and leaves the air fresh.

A Himalayan salt lamp is said to ease stress, increase energy and rejuvenate the entire body.

This Himalayan salt lamp is poised on a lovely wooden base with a quick release for easy bulb changing. Each lamp is unique. The color ranges from light peach to red.

An amazing Eco gift!

Flying Sea Urchin Shell Jellyfish! Hinterland Trading Air Plant

air plant jellyfishKnown as Tillandsia, the air plant does not require soil to grow.

It needs moderate light and a good soak every week.

This very low-maintenance plant is the perfect gift for people who love plants but do not have the gift of a green thumb.

This particular Hinterland Trading Air Plant looks just like a jellyfish suspended in air.

 I have to say that I bought an air plant for myself. I love it. The plant is set in a beautiful shell and hangs from my kitchen widow.

Grove Bamboo iPhone Case – Nautical Needle

bamboo iphone caseThis iPhone case is made from sustainable Eco friendly bamboo and hand-engraved bamboo.

It is a slim and sleek two-piece design case that offers easy access to all ports and buttons. Even with a lightweight construction it protects your phone from damage, dust or scratches.

Review: This case came all the way from China a lot quicker than Amazon forecasted (but not what I’d call quick). The wood is solid and smooth to the touch, and the engraving on the back is, in a word, beautiful.

The case even has a wooden smell to it. It’s in two pieces that snap together with a satisfying click and the placement of the engraving makes the seam invisible. Headphone and power ports are accessible and my headphones click all the way in, which can be a problem with some cases. The cutouts for the side buttons are clean and smooth and the buttons are easy to press. All in all, I love this case and it was definitely worth the wait.

The other review states the case is loose and the phone wobbles but mine isn’t loose at all, it fits perfectly.

The seller was friendly and kept me up to date via email, even writing a few days before delivery to let me know the item had cleared customs and providing me a tracking number. Great seller, great iphone case. 5 stars!

Eco Gifts for Kids

Ah, the children, don’t you just love them! The jumps of joy on Christmas morning, that’s what the season is all about. Here are some Eco gifts to put a smile on their face.

Glob All Natural Paint Kit (6 Colors)

natural paints for kidsMade from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices!

Glob All Natural Paint Kit includes 6 color packets, 6 compost able containers with lids and 2 bamboo brushes. Paint colors include Lemon Verbena, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Plum Purple and Basil Green.

The brushes have a sustainable bamboo handle with cruelty-free taklon bristles. As well, the entire do-it-yourself kit is packaged in a sustainable rice paper pouch.

Review: I absolutely love everything about these paints! They came with cups to mix the paints in and two small, wooden-handled brushes. I mixed the paint according to package instructions and the result was a gel-like consistency. It doesn’t spill even if the cup is turned completely upside down- perfect for my two-year-old artist. More water can be added for a looser consistency if desired. These paints smell amazing, like fresh fruits and herbs. It didn’t seem like much paint powder when I first opened it, but a little goes a long way and has lasted months of regular use because I only mix up 2 to 3 colors at a time. Leftover paint can be stored in the fridge. I would highly recommend this product and will purchase again when we run out.

Just Rocks in a Box

natural crayons for kidsSixty four all natural soy wax crayons in 16 colors: red, green, blue, orange, egg yolk yellow, purple, pink, black, brown, grass green, sunshine yellow, sky blue, peach, tan and gray.

This set is intended for classrooms of 24 children. This box generally lasts a whole year even with frequent use.

Note: they appear small but volume is greater than major brand stick crayons. The perfect size crayon for the hands of young children!


Picture credit

Wood fox: Rjabinnik and Rounien via photopin cc
Green glass dessert plates: trilliumartisans via photopin cc
Sourdough bread: yifany via photopin cc
Tazo tea bag: -divinitus via photopin cc
Numi flowering tea in glass pot: hlkljgk via photopin cc

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