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Eco Friendly Products | SaleAbration

upcycle bambecoEco Friendly Shopping Couldn’t Get Better

It’s a SaleAbration! We are celebrating and taking our hats off to All companies who support Eco friendly and upcycled products!  I am amazed! Times have changed it the last decade. At least now, being green is socially acceptable and “trendy”.  It used to be that “us” green minded folk were looked at as odd and strange. 

Today you can find numerous companies who support green living. From Eco friendly products like Home Décor, Kitchen & Entertaining, Bed & Bath, Outdoor Items, Accessories toPet Supplies. 

Some of the best sellers include Re-Fashioned Glass like goblets or mosaics, anything and everything Hemp, Bamboo Napkin Rings and upcycling antique and yards sale finds.

Shop for Eco Friendly Products


Are you curious to know about the Eco friendly and upcycled products everyone loves?

Here are just a few favorites:

Current Eco Friendly Savings

We all like to save money, right? There are various ways to save on Eco friendly upcycled products like:

  • Shopping on trusted upcycled sites
  • Go to garage sales in search of upcycled products
  • Learn to DIY and save a bundle on making your own upcycled treasures


I would like to take this time to introduce you to a fabulous company that offers stylish and affordable Eco friendly products, bambeco! The company is very passionate about products with purpose. 

They are THE premier retailer for sustainable home furnishings and décor. Bambeco has a wide collection of unique artisan creations that are superb quality. All products are renewable, repurposed, reclaimed, recycled, organic or natural.

Here are a few Eco friendly products you can find on Amazon:

Hey, keep in mind that terrariums are perfect for wintertime!

Bambeco Sedum Terrarium Bottle

Bambeco Hemp Dog Toy Storage Bins

Bambeco Basil ricehull Garden

Allsop Home and Garden Solar Tea Lantern, Saffron

Bambeco Organic Veggie Micro Greens

DYI Books | Eco Friendly Ideas and Inspiration

All “Real” upcycled companies take pride in their products. In truth, most have a 100% sustainable product(s) guarantee.  If you would like to learn how to make your own upcycled cool stuff, here are a few book guides:

ReSew: Turn Thrift-Store Finds into Fabulous Designs

Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff You Already Have by Danny Seo

The Green Crafts Lifestyle – Learn to Upcycle Wood, Paper, Plastic, Fabric and Paper with 35 Exciting Projects and Tutorials




Picture credit

Featured picture: Bambeco

Upcycled tub: Upcycling is Upending a World of Waste

Upcycled wood pallets: 20 Inventive Ways To Upcycle Pallets



Eco Friendly Products | SaleAbration
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Eco Friendly Products | SaleAbration
SaleAbration on Upcycle and Refurbished products; DYI, bambeco and Eco friendly shopping.


With over 40 years of living green and supporting a sustainable environment, we are proud to offer the finest green products and reviews on the market.

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