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Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to open your doors and windows to air out the house! Get motivated and get cleaning! It’s springtime! Forget the harsh and toxic chemicals; there are much healthier options.  From basic green spring cleaning agents such as vinegar to the more complex aromatherapy disinfectants, here are a few Eco friendly spring cleaning solutions:

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tangerines for sping cleaningAll-Purpose Cleaner

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner, it cuts through grime, removes stains and disinfects. Use for cleaning countertops, walls, door knobs, blinds and other surfaces. To make, add all ingredients to a spray bottle. Mix until well combined. Apply to area and gently wipe off with a rag or sponge.

Floor Cleaner

One of the best floor cleaners is vinegar.  It cuts through grime and dirt, disinfects and leaves a beautiful shine without being slippery. To make, add all ingredients to a large bucket. Soak your mop with the solution.  Wring out excess water.  Clean your floor making sure to rinse the mop when needed. Also, change your water and add clean solution if it becomes extra murky. Allow to dry.  You can also add liquid dish soap for extra cleaning power. Keep in mind that liquid soap can make your floor slippery.

clean windows

Window Cleaner

Vinegar not only cuts through grime and fingerprints, but it also leaves a nice shine. Add the water and vinegar to a spray bottle.  If you have used commercial window cleaner in the past, add some liquid dish soap to the mixture to cut through the residue build-up. Just spray and wipe dry.

natural furniture polish

Furniture Polish

Most commercial furniture polishes are composed of solvents, polishing agents like polymers or oils, surfactants (emulsifiers) and propellants (liquified gases for aerosol spray).

What is more, the secondary materials include colorants, preservatives and fragrance. Commercial furniture polish also has a tendency leave a heavy build up over time. 

In a glass jar, combine 2 parts oil to 1 part fresh lemon juice or vinegar. For instance, ¼ cup oil and 1/8 cup lemon juice.  Dab a small amount of polish onto a soft rag. Gently wipe surfaces. For ideal results, work the polish in, wiping with the grain of the wood.  Make the polish fresh with each use because it can go rancid.

Oven Cleaner

Believe it or not, baking soda gets rid of the “hard to remove “spoils in your oven. It acts as a scouring agent and naturally bleaches to remove stains. Sprinkle a generous amount of water over the bottom of your oven. Cover the grunge with enough baking soda so that the surface is all white. Sprinkle just a little more water over the top. Allow to set overnight.  The next day, wipe the area clean with an old rag.  When most of the grime is wiped clean, add a touch of dish soap to a sponge.  Wash the remaining soiled area. If there are a few stubborn stains remaining, try using a S.O.S pad. Surprisingly, S.O.S pads are made from steel wool inundated with soap.

Bon Ami advertisement

Excellent Products on the Market

One of my favorite Eco friendly spring cleaning products on the market has to be Mrs. Meyers. All cleaners are phosphate-free, made with essential oils and are never tested on animals. Trust me; I have been using organic cleaning products for years.  It has always been a challenge to find products that worked and are completely toxic free. Mrs. Meyer’s products are amazing and very reasonably priced. Plus a little goes a long way.

Meyer's cleaning productThe original Mrs. Meyer’s products were a multi-purpose cleaner such as for green spring cleaning. During the last few years consumers have discovered Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer’s amazing products.  Her line has now expanded to other Eco friendly products like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, room freshener, hand soap, hand lotion and more.

To top it off, Mrs. Meyer’s products comes in array of garden aromas: lavender, geranium, lemon verbena, bluebell, honeysuckle, basil and rosemary.

A Touch of History: Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer is an Iowa homemaker and mother of nine.  One day while shopping in the cleaning aisle with her daughters Mrs. Meyer decided that she no longer wanted to use products that were harsh and stinky with chemicals. She envisioned a product that would clean daily grime and also smell like her garden.

Chinese teapot and cup

So you need a spring tonic?

You can easily incorporate a natural detoxing spring tonic into your diet. Here’s how:

Herbal Spring Tonics

spring cleaning cherry blossoms

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