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Flowers in Winter | Ecotulips

red tulipsGive the Gift of Flowers in Winter

Everyone loves flowers in winter. Why not give the gift of flowers to a special someone?

Bulbs come in a million varieties and can typically be grown indoors successfully. And Autumn is the perfect time to start winter flowers for the holidays. 

How to Give the Gift of Flowers in Winter

There are several ways you can give the gift of flowers in winter. You can buy cut flowers from a flower shop. But with cut flowers you are lucky if they last three days. You can also give numerous bulbs for planting so there is a glorious display of spring color.

But I say, why wait until spring? Why not grow flowers indoors over the winter? Bulbs grown indoors can actually last several months.

Flowers in Winter

Flowers in Winter | Hyacinths

 Tulips and other flowers can be grown indoors in the winter with minimal care. Plus flowers in the winter are a fabulous gift because they brighten the cold, gray days of winter.

Growing flowers indoors adds warmth and color to a home. And if done properly, flowers in winter can last from January until late March.

When you give a gift of flower bulbs that artfully grow in a tulip shaped vase, the special person receiving them will light up with great joy. There is nothing more special than receiving flowers that grow in winter. 


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Bloomsz Lily Flowered Tulip Bulb Mix Flower Bulb (8-Pack)


hyacinths winter flower


Dahlias, Tulips & Flowers Galore

There are amazing selections of new bulbs available online that are absolutely stunning . From deep crimson and candy stripe tulips to aromatic grape hyacinths and bright daffodils. Even the lovely amaryllis seems more stunning this year. You can find  eye catching passion pink tulips and purple gems with rich hues. Along with flowers with fire orange edges and the many blooms rich with magenta color.

tulips in winterTulips

Bloomsz Darwin Tulip Red Oxford Flower Bulb (8-Pack)

Bloomsz Parrot Tulip Mix Flower Bulb (6-Pack)

Sugar Plum Triumph Tulip Mixture– 20 Nice, Fat Bulbs! Value Pack

10 Mixed Colors Tulip Bulbs – Freshly Imported from Holland


10 Hyacinth Bulbs – Blue Star – Freshly Imported from Holland
Gypsy Queen Hyacinth (Orange) 6 Bulbs – FRAGRANT – 15/16 cm Bulbs


amaryllis budDaffodils

Bloomsz Double Daffodil Mix Flower Bulb (8-Pack)

60 Days of Daffodils 25 Bulbs – Blooms February thru April! – 12/14 cm Bulbs

Paperwhites ~ FRAGRANT ~ 20 bulbs ~ 17+cm (largest commercially available)


Black Pearl Giant Dutch Amaryllis – NEW COLOR – 26/28 cm Bulbs
Amaryllis White Christmas – 1 bulb – 28/30 cm


Picture Credit

Flowers in Tulip Vase  

Amaryllis bud: Orange Amaryllis Bud via photopin (license)
Tulips in glass vase: tulip 4/5 via photopin (license)
Purple hyacinths: A Garden for the House


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