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Green Certification for Businesses | Green America

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Establishing Green Certification for Businesses

Founded in 1982, Green America began a mission to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. They help businesses get green certification. Their work involves  connecting economic power with the strength of consumers, green companies, investors and the marketplace for a healthier environment.

The Green America’s Green Certification for businesses is a certificate that merits a green companies sustainable visibility. The organization has evaluated over 8,000 small businesses since 1982. They have served numerous leading companies such as Seventh Generation, Clif Bar and Honest Tea. Their green certification not only helped launch their business but it connected them to the marketplace.

According to The Green Certification standards a business must meet the following standards (1):

Green Certification Seal

Actively using their business as a tool for positive social change;
Operating a “values-driven” enterprise according to principles of social justice AND environmental sustainability;
Environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products and run their operations and facilities;
Socially equitable and committed to extraordinary practices that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment; and
Accountable for their work by continually improving and tracking their progress, and operating with radical transparency in every facet of their business.

If your company is interested in applying for the Green Business Certification Get Certified

If you are interested in becoming a member that includes various benefits Become a Member


(1)  Source and Credit: Quoted exactly  from The Green Business Certification standards



With over 40 years of living green and supporting a sustainable environment, we are proud to offer the finest green products and reviews on the market.

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