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Hot Fruit Cordial Drinks – Far Better than Chicken Soup for Colds

cordials in old bottles 2 For generations, people have been devouring chicken soup to help ease the distress of the common cold or flu. The comforting “liquid penicillin” seems to have some therapeutic benefits, both from its warmth and its ingredients. Yes, your grandmother was right. A hot fruit cordial drink can actually help you conquer the many symptoms caused by the common cold and flu.

Studies have found that a steaming cup of fruit cordial can relieve coughs and sore throats. In truth, hot fruit cordial drinks deliver a safe and effective solution to today’s so called ‘no cure’.

Present research from the Cardiff University’s Common Cold Centre concludes that a basic hot squash (fruit-flavored herbal extract) can provide instantaneous and sustained relief from symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, cough, sore throat, fatigue and chills. The Centre’s director, Professor Ron Eccles confirmed the information plus acclaimed that anyone feeling below par should take their advice and keep a bottle of squash in the cupboard and at their desk at work.

Eccles acclaimed further that he is amazed by the results and that making a hot drink from fruit cordial could help fight off the symptoms of seasonal colds and the flu. As well, the professor stated that hot fruit cordial drinks have a great advantage; they are cheap, safe and effective.


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Fruit Cordial Definition and History

cordial in glass 2

For most people, a cordial is a sweet fruit drink made with alcohol. However, the name cordial can be used to describe many different types of drinks. Some cordials are sweet treats, some are made with alcohol and some are for medicinal purposes only.  

Traditionally, the word cordial is used to describe a syrup, tonic or non-alcoholic drink that is often quite sweet and concentrated. Although, several people feel that a cordial is any type of liqueur that has a low alcohol content even if it’s a medicinal.  

Cordials have been used as a medicine for many centuries. The flavor and strength depended on the person’s ailment and therefore various types of cordials were created. The first cordials were produced in Italian apothecaries during the Renaissance. They were called distilled cordial waters. Oftentimes they contained alcohol with herbs and spices plus other ingredients like a natural sweetener. The cordial was generally steeped for a certain amount of time to make a most popular cure-all drink.

In France, cordials were referred to as Liqueurs d’ltalie, a name that quickly developed into the title liqueur. royal usquebaugh,Common cordials included Royal Usquebaugh, a spicy drink that contained real gold leaf flecks and Rosa Solis or Rosolio, a drink from the sundew plant used to invigorate the heart and used as an aphrodisiac.

Within a few decades, cordials were commonly imbibed for their inebriating properties and medicinal features. Soon they became a recreational drink, which evolved into today’s popular liqueur.

Cordials have gone Retrograde

Today’s cordial is very similar to the original version of the Renaissance period. It is created by using juice or fruit pulp infused with a variety of herbs and spices. And like yesterday, the infusion is served as a hot fruit cordial drink and utilized as a medicinal treatment or is used as a mixer for an alcohol beverage.

Organic Ginger Cordial

This is a wonderful warm and spicy drink with no secret ingredients. Ginger cordial is created with fresh ginger root and organic sugar. This elixir is perfect as a summer refresher or as the ideal hot fruit cordial to sooth the throat and ease a cold. You can also mix it with sparkling water for old-fashioned ginger beer.

Organic Lemon & Ginger Cordial

Right from the heart of grandmother’s kitchen, this cordial is made with fresh squeezed organic lemons and pure organic sugar. For summertime, add 1 part cordial to 8 parts sparkling water and you have a refreshing drink to calm the heat and replenish the body. For a calming and soothing drink for the common cold, easily combine lemon cordial with hot filtered water then serve.

Organic Elderflower Cordial

This cordial is an infusion of freshly picked elderflowers and fresh lemon juice. In the heat of the day, it is a very refreshing drink mixed with cool or cold sparkling mineral water. It also makes a fabulous base for a striking sorbet or fresh fruit salad, just add your favorite berry and voila! FYI: Elderflowers have been used since Roman times to treat colds and flu-like symptoms.

Blueberry & Black Currant Cordial

This cordial is pleasingly purple and bursting with the flavor of freshly pressed blueberries and plump, ripe blackcurrants. The fruity blend of juices creates a rich yet crisp elixir. And what is more, these fruits are high in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant.

Cordial Blackcurrant & Cox Apple

blackcurrant and apple cordial 2Each and every bottle contains over half a pound of ripe English blackcurrants and the juice of three Cox’s apples. This cordial is full-bodied with an intensely rich taste. Many claim that it is almost like pudding in a glass. This elixir makes a lovely summer cooler or can be made as a comforting fruit cordial drink.

Making Hot Fruit Cordial Drinks

Most recipes call for sugar, but honey can be substituted in many instances. In fact, the special “character” of some liqueurs, such as Irish Mist and Drambuie, can be directly traced to the distinctive flavor of the natural sweetener. Clover honey is generally considered ideal for cordial preparation, as its mild flavor won’t overpower the other ingredients. The major disadvantage of using honey is that your finished product may have a somewhat cloudy appearance. This can be corrected, however, by carefully siphoning the liquid into a clean bottle after the sediment has had time to settle to the bottom. For a Fruit Cordial Drink recipe see Hot Fruit Cordial Drinks for the Common Cold and Flu

Stocking Your Shelf with Healing Fruit Cordials

Here is a long list of both natural and organic fruit cordials that can be used as a medicinal, as an elixir, in teas or even baking –

Belvoir Cordials for Health

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Royal Usquebaugh Historic Waters

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