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Kids Say the Most Wonderful Things | Six Year Old Learns WordPress

flu bugI am sitting here with my 6 year old granddaughter Ambrosia. I decided to show her how Word Press works. So we are doing  a WordPress post together.  I have to say, kids say the most wonderful things.

Ambrosia is a wonderful person and exceptionally smart. I love her very much. I explained to her what Ambrosia meant, and that Ambrosia is the fruit of the Greek Gods. She says, ‘Oh, I am a God”, lol. I reply “No, you are  not a God. There is only one God.” Anyway, to funny…

Just an FYI: I have dedicated a recipe to Ambrosia: Ambrosia’s Fruit Salad

Kids Say the Most Wonderful Things

So here we are learning WordPress.  I have to say that Ambrosia is a great sport. She is very unsure of what were are doing. She is actually pretending to like it. However, the more I explain how WordPress works, the more interested she becomes.

I asked how she is feeling. Ambrosia decides say a short prayer. This is what Ambrosia has to say: I really miss Darren (my brother) very much and I love him and I care about him. Someday we will be together again. Amen. I love you Darren. I love you grandma too.

Ambrosia and Grandma (that’s me)



Ambrosia begins to really enjoy working on WordPress. She starts to get a bit goofy and anxious. So she sets the stage and  introduces herself as if she were the Star actor.

This is Ambrosia and I am a hippie ‘chuckle, chuckle‘ and this is my mom too. She is a hippie. Well, I am kind of a hippie. Because I am a goof ball. Because I just copy my mom. And my mom says I am just a cop-cat. And I fart all the time and I don’t say excuse me. And I have the hiccups. And I love Toothless the Dragon and he is awesome.

Okay, Time to Learn How to Post

I ask Ambrosia if she knew what Google was. She with enthusiasm says “Oh yeah”. As I am typing she says blah blah blah. I do believe she is being sarcastic and witty because she then says “And you cannot catch me Google because you do not know where I live.”

Grandma here: Ambrosia says to pause it, she will be right back. I think my little grand daughter is watching Way to many movies.

Ambrosia yells from the bathroom. ‘Hey grandma, can I take a bath? I really want to take a bath. I want to take a relaxing bath. I really like it!”

I have to say, I have a rather large bathtub. It takes 3 water-tanks to fill it. It’s like a pool to Ambrosia.

Okay, Ambrosia is Back

baby bunniesAmbrosia says “Today, I got cut by a carrot.” I shake my head in question. I ask her “How did you get cut by a carrot?” Ambrosia says she got cut by a carrot when she just touched it and I said Ow!

I am still not sure how she got cut by a carrot.

I am sitting here with an over anxious young girl who cannot get here mind off the bath. But, I am determined to finish this post with her.

So, I ask her what she wants be when she grows up. She says she wants to be a Fire Station. “Well, its so I can, so if a house is on fire I can make it nice. I will wash it away. Well, I will wash it away with water.”

Ambrosia really loves teenagers.I asked her what she thinks it will be like to be a teenager. She replies “Yep, I love teenagers and I love babies. I love both. Teenagers do awesome stuff. AND they act like a teenager. And they have phone, and they have games on their phones. And I have seen one before. ”

I think I struck on a big interest. I am not a fast typist so I really have to move the fingers now. Ambrosia continues “Well, I like babies because they are cute and they have a chubby face. Oh, they are sooooo cute! I used to have a baby brother, but now he is a toddler, ugh! My brother is also sick. I hope he feels better. When he was a baby he didn’t drink from a cow but he was breastfeed. And when my fake dad spanks me, my brother Darren cries. That is why I like babies.  And The End”.

baby dalmationAmbrosia says she really loves babation (dalmatian) puppies with polka dots on them. “Even there is white on them” she says. “And I love puppy dogs. I love the blind ones,no no… If someone is blind then they have that kind of dog and they show them where to go. Yep, they are very special. If somebody is blind they help them.”

I ask Ambrosia if she has any last words, she said no. So I started typing exactly that, and she repeated “I said no”.   Oh my..

So we decided to use “kids say the most wonderful things” for our keywords. She says that daughters sing lovely songs and boys don’t. But sometimes they do.

Okay, Ambrosia is ready for a bath. She says that she is getting tired and if I do not hurry then I am going to have to drag her there.  Yep, kids say the most wonderful things!

Featured picture:

Flu Bug: Ambrosia thinks it is soooo funny. She quotes”I say What,What what..”  I told her that it is a flu bug. We thought that we would capture the flu bug so Ambrosia’s brother Darren isn’t sick any more.

Ambrosia wants me to tell you that we don’t like computer bugs either. And yes, she actually learned how to post to WordPress.

The Flu Bug

Oh by the way, that green feature creature is a flu bug. And yes, this year the flu is pretty bad. I just talked to a friend from Florida. She says that there has been five deaths this year already. My friend lives in a small town.

For an excellent post on to how help prevent the cold and flu see Natural Ways of Preventing the Flu

Cool Stuff 4 Kids Who Say the Most Wonderful Things

Note: 50% of ALL sales will go to Ambrosia since she helped build this page. All sales that I make will go to Ambrosia’s college fund! Yes, and Ambrosia chose the items for sale.    🙂


Picture credit

Ambrosia Chose all the Pictures. 🙂

Featured picture:
Baby Bunnies: DSCN3973 via photopin (license)
Baby dalmatians:photo credit: via photopin (license)

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