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Monsanto Company in Disguise | Monsanto Seeds

non monsanto seedsBy now most people are familiar with the Monsanto Company and the GMO seed that they produce. But did you know that the Monsanto Company goes by other names? 

As well, the Monsanto Company is aligned with other distributing businesses.

One of such companies is Seminis. It became an exclusively owned subsidiary of Monsanto Company in 2005.

They now have various establishments in over 30 countries (see list at the end of post).

How to Avoid Buying Monsanto Seeds

To avoid buying Monsanto Seeds completely, it will require some work and research. But we all know that the research is well worth the time. First off, before buying ANY seed you need to call the seed company and ask them if Seminis supplies their seed. Keep calling until you find a company that does NOT support Seminis. Trust me, the Monsanto Company is very big and it will take a few calls before you find a good seed supplier. To save time, you can check out the Seminis list for Vegetable Seed Suppliers and Distributers:

Seminis | Western USA

Seminis | Southeast USA

However, do Not assume that if a company’s name is not on their list that they are GMO free or not Monsanto seeds.  Still make sure and call the company that you are considering buying from.

Organic & Heirloom Seed

botanicalInterestsBugNow you would think that packages that say organic or heirloom seeds would be a safe product to buy, right? Well, the Monsanto Company now owns 40% of the conventional seed market in the US and 20% of the worldwide market. That includes organic and heirloom seeds.

Fortunately many companies have signed the Safe Seed Pledge to assure consumers that they are not selling GMO seed.  Conversely, many organic and heirloom seed companies who have taken the Safe Seed Pledge are owned by large companies such as Mars Inc. One of the major organic seed companies in question is Seeds of Change. Mars purchased Seeds of Change in 1997.

Now mind you, Seeds of Change has been in business since 1989. They are a well-known company that offers 100% organic seeds. In addition, the company grows all their seed and does not buy stock from Seminis (Monsanto Company). Although Mars has said that they don’t use GMO ingredients in Europe, they are using GMOs in some of their US products.  Many people feel that if they support Seeds of Change then they support Mars Inc. who supports Seminis (Monsanto Seeds).


Companies Not Associated with Seminis (Monsanto Seeds)

So here I was about a month ago, ready to start planting. Well, I looked at my seed supply and to my dismay, had several seed packets that were in question. Yes, I buy 100% organic seeds.  But now that many organic companies were being bought out by bigger corporations it was time to “clean shop”.  If you’d rather buy from a business that is not related or co-owned by companies that sell GMO products; here is a small list that will get you started. Again, keep in mind that you should still call to ask the company if Seminis supplies ANY of their seed.


non hybrid seed pack

* All Good Things Organic (SW)
* Annie’s Heirloom Seeds
* Backyard Beans and Grains Project
* Bountiful Gardens
* Crispy Farms
* Diane’s Flower Seeds (she has veggies now, too)
* Farm Direct Seed (Hobb’s Family Farm)
* Fedco Seeds * Filaree Farm (garlic)
* Fisher’s Seeds (406-388-6052)
* Garden City Seeds
* Gourmet Seed
* High Altitude Gardens
* Heirlooms Evermore Seeds
* Heirloom Solutions
* High Mowing Seeds
* Hudson Valley Seed Library
* Humbleseeds
* Growing Crazy Acres
* Ed Hume Seeds
* Irish-Eyes
* J.L Hudson 
* Kitchen Garden Seeds
* Knapp’s Fresh Vegies
*  Kusa Seed Society

* Lake Valley Seeds
* Larner Seeds
* Local Harvest
* Maine Seed Saving Network (207-326-0751)
* Moonlight Micro Farm
* Mountain Rose Herbs
* Native Seeds  (SW)
* Natural Gardening Company

* New Hope Seed Company
* Nichol’s Garden Nursery
* Old Sturbridge Village
* Organic Sanctuary (SE)
* Peace Seeds
* Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
* Plum Creek Seeds (725-647-3033)
* Prairie Garden Seeds
* Prairie Road Garden

* Renee’s Garden
* Restoration Seeds
* Ronnigers Potato Farm
* Sand Hill Preservation Center
* Sage Thymes
* Seattle Seed Company
* Seed Savers Exchange

* Seeds Trust
* Siskiyou Seeds (NW)
* Terrior Seeds | Underwood Gardens
* Territorial Seed
* Tomato Fest
* Trees of Antiquity
* Turtle Tree Seed
* Vermont Wildflower Farm
* White Harvest Seed
* Wildseed Farms


Additional Endorsements

Here is a list of companies with additional approval and endorsements by

non hybrid heirloom tomato seeds

* Adaptive Seeds
* Amishland Seeds
* The Ark Institute
* Baker Creek Seed Co. (MW)
* Botanical Interests
* Family Farmer’s Seed Co-op
* Fedco Seed Co.
* Grow Organic
* Heirloom Seeds
* Horizon Herbs
* Landreth Seeds
* The Living Seed Company
* Livingston Seeds
* My Patriot Supply
* Organica Seed
* Seed for Security
* Select Seeds
* Southern Exposure
* Sow True (SE)
* Sustainable Seed Co
* Tiny Seeds
* Underwood Garden Seeds
* Uprising Seeds
* Victory Seeds
* Wild Garden Seeds
* Wood Prairie Farm (NE)


Botanical Interests* Annapolis Valley Heritage Seed Company
* Brother Nature
* Cubit’s Organics
* Full Circle Seeds
* Greta’s Organic Garden
* Heritage Harvest Seeds
* Hope Seeds
* Incredible Seeds
* Richters Herbs
* Salt Spring Seeds
* Seeds of Diversity
* Seeds of Victoria
* Solana Seeds
* Stellar Seeds
* Terra Edibles
* The Cottage Gardener



* Garden Organic (UK)
* Seed Site (Italy)
* The Real Seed Catalogue (UK)


Seminis (Monsanto Seeds) | Country Locations

The following is a list of the countries where Seminis has numerous seed production and growing sites:

urban non hybrid seed pack

  • * Chile
    * Italy
    * India
    * Korea
    * Spain
    * Israel
    * Brazil
    * Russia
    * Austria
    * Poland
    * Canada
    * Mexico
    * Turkey
    * Ireland
    * Pakistan
    * Ukraine
    * Portugal
    * Thailand
    * Australia
    * Germany
    * Hungary
    * Malaysia
    * Indonesia
    * Philippines
    * Switzerland
    * Netherlands
    * Central Asia
    * New Zealand
    * United States
    * CIS Countries
    * United Kingdom
    * Myranmar (Burma)

Other Places to Buy GMO Free Seed

Although it will require you to call the seed company to make sure they do not buy from Seminis, you can get some pretty good seed on Amazon. Just make sure and do your homework.


Featured Picture Credit:

Chiot’s Run via photopin cc



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