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Natural Beauty with Himalaya Buckthorn Berry | Sibu Beauty

sibu-beautyNatural Beauty with Sibu Beauty

From remote locations of the Tibetan Himalayas, Sibu Beauty was created.

There you will find the sea buckthorn berry that contains over 190 bio-active compounds. The  buckthorn berry revitalizes, restores and safeguards youthful beauty.

Well-known as the “beauty berry” throughout Asia and Europe, Sibu beauty creates optimum skin care results by utilizing the sea buckthorn in all their “green” products. A true natural beauty skin care.

The Himalaya  sea buckthorn helps nourish the skin, nails and hair with effective antioxidants and essential fatty acids. As well, the berries aid in digestion and maintaining a healthy weight. This amazing berry is the ideal natural beauty care product.

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Natural Beauty from the Inside Out

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All-Natural Anti-Aging Products From Himalayan Sea Buckthorn
Nourish Skin from the Inside and Out Sibu Beauty All-Natural Beauty System Supplements, Face Cream, Cleanser


Natural Beauty Assurance | Sibu

Sibu natural beauty products are harvested and processed in the Indian and Tibetan Himalayas. To ensure the finest quality and “green’ products, all berries, leaves and bark are harvested from nontoxic organic and wild plants by local co-ops.

The company has a 13 year affiliation with Choice Humanitarian, is partnered with the Forest Stewardship Council, an advocate of Fair Trade and utilizes recycled plastic.  The green company is certified Go Cruelty Free, USDA Certified, Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Ashley Koff Approved (AKA).

Sibu Beauty creates a wide range of natural beauty products like sea buckthorn juice which is similar to goji and noni, rich omega capsules, environment friendly oils, natural soaps and teas. Experience an inner and outer natural beauty through Sibu.


Here are just a few of the natural beauty products Sibu Beauty has to offer:

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sibu Beauty Nourishing Facial Cream

Sea Buckthorn,balancing Facial Cleanser

Sibu Beauty Cellular Support with Omega 7 Softgels

Sibu Beauty Age Defying Eye Cream


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With over 40 years of living green and supporting a sustainable environment, we are proud to offer the finest green products and reviews on the market.

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