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Numerous Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

raised garden beds 2Raised Garden Beds or garden boxes have a wide array of benefits.

I promise, once you’ve tried growing flowers and vegetables in a raised bed, you’ll never have it any other way.

If you’re like me, I plant anywhere and everywhere I can.

However, the majority of the time, my plants do so much better in a raised bed.

 What are the Benefits?

Raised garden beds make gardening a whole lot easier. Learn the benefits of raised garden beds and what’s needed to ‘sow’ the rewards.

Here are numerous benefits of raised garden beds

Fewer Weeds

Raised garden beds are like a weed barriers. When raised beds are well prepared, the hardest part of gardening is already finished. The raised beds blocks weeds from being invasive and having a ‘field day’ of your garden bed. Even grass can be deterred. Plus, weeds are a lot easier to remove.

Better Water Retention & Drainage

raised garden beds 4A well prepared raised garden bed is filled with fresh soil (organic of course) and mulch to preserve soil moisture.  Raised beds have better water retention and drainage. It is a great solution to regions with bad soil. Poor topsoil no longer becomes an issue. Just fill your raised garden bed with high-quality topsoil (organic) and begin gardening. You will have nutrient-rich soil and your plants will be ‘happy campers’. Just make sure to continue adding compost and other nutrients for your plants.

No Soil Compaction

As hard as you may try, you invariably step on the soil in your garden bed. You may have rocks or wood for borders, but they to get “lost in the shuffle” or winter. Oftentimes, your human feet end up demolishing or killing baby plants. As well, when the soil is tromped on, it makes it difficult for new shoots to break through the surface. Raised garden beds allow easy access to plants so you don’t compress the soil. It is recommended that your bed width be no wider that 4′ across. This makes it easy to reach your plants from all sides.  You raised garden beds can be any length as long as cross supports are installed every 4′ – 6′ along the length of the bed to prevent bowing. If you have the space, long garden beds are the best!

raised garden beds 3

Warmer Soil Earlier in the Season

In many regions, gardeners can plant earlier in the season. This is because the soil is warmer and has better drainage when it is above ground level. Yes, raised garden beds have warmer soil! Since the soil dries faster, you can plant your garden sooner. Overall, you will have an extended growing season! Note: If you live in cooler regions, make sure to cover your crops at night if you decide to plant early. You can use temporary cold frames or drape plastic over your plants with the use of a garden hoop.

Less Soil Erosion

raised garden bedsThe sides of garden beds keep your prized garden soil from being eroded or washed away during heavy rains, harsh snowy winters or heavy winds.

Soil erosion causes a myriad of problems such as nutrients being leached from the soil, removal of topsoil, desertification, salinisation and soil acidity, poor internal drainage and loss of plants.

Well-constructed raised garden beds drastically reduce soil erosion.  


Not so Hard on Your Back

A raised garden bed can actually reduce back strain. When you raise the soil level there is less bending over to reach your plants. As well, you can design your garden so you can sit on the edge of the raised bed while weeding.   Tip: A raised garden bed should be at least 12 inches tall so you can sit on the edge comfortably.

Reduce Pests

A raised bed will drastically reduce garden pests such as snails and slugs, rabbits and even moles. To discourage large invaders, build your raised garden bed at least 4 feet tall.

raised garden bed cedar 4

A Very Attractive Garden

Raised garden beds can be very pleasing to the eyes! They make a more attractive garden. Some people even arrange various raised beds to make a beautiful motif. You can even add decorative elements such as corner posts, trellises, obelisks and more. Plus trellises allow you to expand your garden  and add visual elegance so you can grow vine type crops like peas, cucumbers, beans, clematis, petunias and more.

Select Long Lasting Materials for Your Garden Beds

It is highly important to select long lasting materials for your raised garden beds. Choose garden beds that use rot-resistant lumber like redwood, cedar or durable recycled plastic.  Selecting a well-built garden bed will save you a lot of time and money in the long run!  

Where to Buy Raised Garden Beds

raised garden bed with decorative posts 3If you’re like me, I prefer buying sustainable products to help preserve our world. If I can buy locally, I will.

But sometimes certain items are just not available in my neighborhood such as raised garden beds. The next best thing is to buy online.

I found one of the best online stores for raised garden beds is at Eartheasy.

However, there are many sustainable companies that know the importance of protecting our natural environments as the source of our well-being.

 Back to Raised Garden Beds

For the garden entrepreneur, you will discover a huge variety:  

FYI: Western Red Cedar generally contains no chemical preservatives and will last 10 to 15 years when used as a raised garden bed.

And More


Picture credit: Eartheasy

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