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Superfoods for Your Diet | Dr. Oz Recommendations

superfoodsThis year why not add superfood to your diet? Recently, Dr. Oz’s recommended a ton of superfoods and ideas that can be added to your meals.

Without denying your friends and family their favorites foods, you can add some healthy superfoods to the menu. Here are some of Dr. Oz’s suggestions:


This is a favorite of Dr. Oz’s. Pomegranate is said to be one of the stomach-friendliest foods around. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory compounds by protecting the colon from damage caused by diseases such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

For Thanksgiving or Christmas add pomegranate juice to vinaigrette dressings, cranberry sauce or even add it to sweet breads. Pomegranate is also a lovely addition to fall meals, it add color and a nice festive affair.


Sunfood - Your Source For Superfoods

It is said that pecans contain the highest antioxidant levels of any nut. Moreover, just 1 ounce serving has 19 vitamins and minerals, 3 grams fiber, 3 grams protein and healthy fats good for the heart. Note: Cashews are very similar to pecans in nutrients and can be substituted.

For Thanksgiving or Christmas add pecans to a fruit or vegetable salad, in baking such as cookies or cake, pecan pie made with natural sugars (honey), in stuffing, over steamed vegetables as a garnish or with a nut mix as a snack.

Pumpkin seeds

According to Dr. Oz, pumpkin seeds are a great superfood. They are high in the amino acid tryptophan— in truth, higher than turkey. Tryptophan increases the brain’s levels of serotonin which help improve mood.

For Thanksgiving or Christmas add pumpkin seeds to salads, stuffing, as a garnish on steamed vegetables or yams or add them to mixed nuts for a snack.


Use them while they are in season. Cranberries are one of the best superfoods around. As Dr. Oz says, cranberries contain powerful nutrients called PACs (proanythocyanidins). According to research, cranberries may keep bones, teeth, the urinary tract and the immune system healthy. It is also suggested that cranberries may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Note: Goji berries are similar to cranberries in taste. Goji berries are also high in anti-oxidants and have 18 amino acids.

For Thanksgiving or Christmas add cranberries (or Goji berries)  to a variety of dishes such as vegan cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, add to muffins or cakes and to smoothies.


Dr. Oz states that if you eat coconut in moderation it can keep your brain sharp and your body fit.  The fats are also good fuel for brain cell and to stimulate the metabolism for healthy weight loss.

For Thanksgiving or Christmas add fresh or dried coconut to fruit salads or as a garnish on yams and sweet potatoes. You can also substitute coconut milk in most dessert dishes instead of using milk.

Where to Find Superfoods

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