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Hot Fruit Cordial Drinks – Far Better than Chicken Soup for Colds

For generations, people have been devouring chicken soup to help ease the distress of the common cold or flu. The comforting “liquid penicillin” seems to have some therapeutic benefits, both from its warmth and its...


Curry may Cure the Common Cold and Flu

They say there’s no cure for the common cold, but many health specialists will disagree. Recent studies have claimed that curry and other foods could be the answer. It may sound like another home remedy,...


5 Best Natural Antibiotics

A new study suggests that pediatricians write more than 10 million needless antibiotic prescriptions —for conditions like asthma and the flu—annually. According to a recent Fox News article, these bacteria –free ailments do not respond...

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Phlegm Detox

There’s a wide variety of factors that can cause phlegm (also known as mucus). Some feel that excessive phlegm may be attributed to milk products, allergies, colds, the flu and other elements. There are even...

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Mucus Congestion Cleanse | A Three to Seven Day Mucus Detox

What is Mucus Congestion? A lung and mucus detox can assist with asthma, persistent colds and allergies. Although mucus is not a bad thing, it can hinder your breathing during a cold, sinus infection or...

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