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Wind Turbines | Utilizing Wind Energy

wind turbine

Harnessing  Energy with Wind Turbines

Wind energy is an extremely clean source of energy. Utilizing wind turbines is a great sustainable resource for generating electricity. All that is needed to produce your own wind energy is an average sustained wind of  7 miles per hour. Open areas such as pastures are ideal for wind energy production with the use of wind turbines.

How Wind Turbines Work

Wind turbines are one of the most common methods of generating electricity. The wind turns the turbine blades which spins a generator shaft that produces electricity. The electricity that is generated by the wind turbines is then used to charge batteries, connect to a main source of power or connect to an electricity grid. Prior to generating usable electricity an inverter is used to covert electricity from DC to AC.

Wind energy for residential homes general use small wind turbines. These wind turbines can produce enough energy for lighting and appliances. However, the amount of electricity a wind turbine can generate depends on many factors such and geographical location.

Utilizing Wind Turbines

wind turbine by shedThere are a wide variety of  wind turbines that can be used for homes and businesses.

There are two main types of wind generators; horizontal axis and vertical axis. You can use wind turbines to generate large amounts of electricity such as a wind farm. Or you can utilize wind turbines on a much smaller scale. 

Today there are numerous innovative wind turbine companies that have advanced in technology beyond measure. In addition, you can find an amazing amount of resources on how to produce your own electricity with the use of wind turbines.

As of late, there is talk of a new kind of air-flow technology that may soon be on the market. The main focus is on the efficiency of wind turbine blades. In fact, the new technology is said to help increase the proficiency of turbines under different wind conditions. Moreover, renewable energy production is on the rise. This is great news for the consumer, for there is a drastic reduction in price.

Wind Energy is Free

wind turbine in snow country


Wind power is a free and immeasurable source of energy. This incredible renewable source of energy releases no pollution, is Eco friendly and does not consume water like most electrical sources.

And more, wind power drastically reduces fossil fuel consumption, lowers electrical costs plus decreases emissions like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with how wind energy works. There’s a large variety of information available for both the novice and experienced.  Here is a small sample:

Wind Energy Books


Wind Turbines & More

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Wind turbine: djwtwo via photopin cc
Wind turbine by shed: Dominic’s pics via photopin cc
Wind turbine and snowy house: Claude Robillard via photopin cc


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