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Winter Flowers | Great Gifts

spring bulbsEveryone loves winter flowers, especially the sweet fragrance that fills the air. With it dark and dreary outside, why not add a splash of color to your home and fill your home with a wonderful aroma. Ecotulips has a million varieties of Eco bulbs to brighten your day.

Although the name Ecotulips is a bit misleading, that’s because this amazing Eco business has a lot more than just tulips. They did begin their company with Eco tulips but now have about every type of Eco bulb you can imagine.

Giving the Gift of Winter Flowers

There are numerous ways you can give the gift of winter flowers. Besides buying cut flowers from a flower shop you can give Eco bulbs for flowers to grow in the spring, grow them now indoors or give an Eco bulb gift certificate for a special someone to redeem later.

Now most people who love flowers enjoy it when the blooms last a while. With cut flowers you are lucky if they last three days. However, when giving Eco bulbs or a gift certificate you have flowers that will last a very long time.


Growing Winter Flowers

Tulips and other Eco flowers can be grown indoors in the winter with minimal care. In addition, winter flowers are a fabulous gift because they renew the cold, gray days of winter.

Growing flowers indoors adds warmth and color to a home. If done properly, winter flowers can last from January until late March. When you give the gift of Eco bulbs, the special person receiving them will most definitely light up with joy.

Your other option for giving flowers in winter is a special gift certificate. Many companies have beautifully designed gift certificates that never ever expire. Generally you can choose from $25, $50 or $100 worth of credit. The gift certificates are mailed within 3 days and also include free shipping. Plus they are easily redeemed online.

How to Grow Winter Flowers


Hyacinths, narcissus and crocus can be forced in water. You can find special clear glass vases made for hyacinths or crocus. Place the flower bulb in the upper portion of the vase with the water in the lower portion. Keep the vase in a cool, dark room (under 50 degrees F is ideal) for four to eight weeks. You want to wait until the top elongates and the root system has developed. Next, place the vase in a bright window. Soon the plant will blossom.

For narcissus, you need a shallow pan of water filled with pebbles or crushed rocks. The flower bulbs need to be secured so that the basal plate is in contact with the water. Keep them in a cool, dark room for a few weeks then place in a bright window. This makes a beautiful arrangement because each bulb sends up numerous flower stems that have several tiny blossoms.


What are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you just love to give the gift of winter flowers or have a few yourself to brighten the dreary days of winter?


Winter Flowers Forced Bulb Vases


Picture credits

Hyacinth in water: REMODELISTA

Forced Hyacinths Slide: Toronto Gardens


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