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Winter Flowers | The Ideal Gift

winter flowers ecotulipsThe perfect gift has to be winter flowers.  Everyone loves flowers. But in the winter flowers seem extra special. Their sweet fragrance, the beauty and elegance are magnificent!

On dark and dreary days, winter flowers bring a splash of color to your home and fills the room with a wonderful aroma.

Flower bulbs are just the thing, there are millions of bulb varieties to brighten your day or or someone else. Why wait until spring or fall to plant flower bulbs? Why not plant flower bulbs now?

The typical indoor bulb to plant are tulips. However, don’t limit yourself on one kind of flower. There are many varieties of bulbs that can be grown indoors successfully.  In fact, I have have great success with tulips, daffodils, narcissus, hyacinths, jasmine, honeysuckle and of course amaryllis.

Ah, and the aroma. Heavenly!

The Gift of Winter Flowers

You can give the gift of winter flowers in many ways or add a splash of color to the dreary days:

  • Buy cut winter flowers
  • Grow flower bulbs in winter (best choice)
  • Give Eco bulbs for flowers to grow in the spring of fall
  • Buy an Eco bulb gift card for a special someone to redeem later

Most people who love flowers always enjoy it when the blooms last longer than usual. With cut flowers you are lucky if they last three days. On the other hand, when giving a live Eco bulbs or a gift card you have flowers that will last a very, very long time.

Bulb, Tulip, Pink Impression, (5 Pack) Pure Pink Perennial Tulip Bulbs

pink tulipsGrowing Winter Flowers Indoors

Tulips and other flower bulbs can be grown indoors in the winter with minimal care. Additionally, winter flowers are great gifts because they renew the cold, dark days of winter.

Growing flowers indoors adds warmth and color to your home. If done correctly, winter flowers can last from January until late March.

When you give the gift of winter flowers or Eco bulbs, the special person receiving them will definitely light up with joy. It is one of the best gifts ever.

Another option for giving winter flowers is a special gift certificate or gift card. That way the individual can pick the types of bulbs they want.

Most people like all types of flowers.  However,  some of us have our favorites. So if you’re not sure what your friends favorite flowers are, then a gift card is the way to go.  But no matter what type of flower gift you select, it will be best gift ever.

hyacinth bulbsHow to Grow Winter Flowers

Hyacinths, crocus and narcissus can be forced in water. Here are some simple steps on how to grow flowers in winter:

  • Purchase a clear glass vase made for hyacinths or crocus
  • Place the flower bulb in the upper portion of the vase with the water in the lower portion
  • Keep the vase in a cool, dark room (under 50°F is ideal) for four to eight weeks.
  • Wait until the top elongates and the root system has developed. Next, place the vase in a bright window
  • Soon the flower(s) will blossom.

For narcissus, you need a shallow pan of water filled with crushed rocks or pebbles. The flower bulbs need to be secured so that the basal plate is in contact with the water. Keep the bulbs in a cool, dark room for a few weeks then place in a bright window. This makes a beautiful arrangement because each bulb sends up many flower stems that have several tiny blossoms.

Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs Indoor Growing Kit with Delft Ceramic Bowl

What are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you just love to give the gift of winter flowers or have a few yourself to brighten the dreary days of winter? It really has been a long, cold winter this year!

Grape Hyacinth Blend, Bulbs (10 Pack)

Crocus Species Mix (20 Bulbs) Purple, White, Yellow Perennial Bulb Mix

Growing Jasmine Indoors

white jasmine flowersJasmine does quite well indoors. Start with putting the plant in a medium sized pot. I usually put jasmine in a hanging basket so that it can use the wall and a few sporadic hooks as a trellis. But it also depends on the type of jasmine you get. Some grow upright like a tree or bush and others like to vine. 

Fill the pot with premium organic soil with a little peat moss and bark. Wait to fertilize until a week or two after the initial shock of transplanting. Make sure the the soil remains moist. Jasmine also likes to be misted.

Jasmine also needs bright light with at least four hours of direct sunlight every day. Make sure that you water the plant everyday in the summer.

Fertilizing every two weeks is also recommended. Jasmine likes fertilizer that is high in phosphorous.  Other times of year just water the plant when the soil is completely dry. If the plant seems to dry out to quickly, then it probably needs transplanted into a bigger pot.

Note: Buy white jasmine flowers, they have the most prolific aroma of all colors! But all types of jasmine are lovely and will fill the air with one of the most amazing smells you have ever encountered!

Favorite Intensely Fragrant Easy to Grow Vine Jasmine Starter Plants 6 Pack

flowers at the dinner table


Winter Flowers | Bulb Vases


blooming hyacinth



Picture credit


Pink tulips: Pink Potted Tulips II via photopin (license)
Hyacinth bulbs: Hyacinth via photopin (license)
Blooming hyacinth: Hyacinth via photopin (license)
White jasmine flowers: via photopin (license)
Flowers at the dinner table: BizBash

Winter Flowers | The Ideal Gift
Article Name
Winter Flowers | The Ideal Gift
Indoor winter flowers are the ideal gift. On dreary days, flowers bring color to your home & fill the room with a amazing aroma. Easy to grow guide


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  1. myplantlist says:

    Wow winter flowers seem to have such a unique look. with the onion base roots. I usually only see this type of flower at big businesses. Thanks for the tips!

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      For some reason I never got your message. Yes, winter flowers are wonderful! An with a clear vase you can see the amazing roots. It makes for a great showcase.

    • Mary says:


      I am so sorry, I don’t know how I missed your comment. And here it i almost winter again. This year I am trying Eco tulips

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